Funeral Cover in South Africa

Funeral Cover in South Africa

Funeral cover in South Africa is one of the most popular financial products in SA. When you turn on the TV, or listen to the radio or even when you page through a newspaper, you are bound to see a funeral cover ad.

Have you ever wondered what is the cost of a funeral in South Africa? Most South Africans plan ahead and save money in investment accounts or opt to open funeral cover policies. 

When a loved one dies you have to choose between a burial where the deceased is placed in a coffin and buried or a cremation where the body is burnt to ashes and they are usually kept in an urn. The type of funeral comes with different costs and its important to be prepared.

What is Funeral Cover in South Africa

Funeral cover is an insurance policy that pays out a maximum of R100 000, that can be used for immediate and often urgent costs of a funeral. It usually pays out within 24-48 hrs of a claim and there are various companies who offer this insurance.

Average Funeral Costs in South Africa

Storage and Refrigeration  Morgue fees for the safekeeping of the body and transporting the body. R5000 – R15000
Home Affairs Registering the death and get a death certificate R75
Casket / Coffin Depending on the design From R6,000 up to R50,000
Cremation (If applicable) R5,000 – R8000, depending on where you choose to get this done.
Urn (If applicable) Depending on the design
Grave Site Paid to the municipality for digging of the grave R2000 – R6000
Catering Food for loved ones who attend the funeral service.

Things to consider when buying Funeral cover in South Africa


Signing up for a funeral cover based on its price shouldn’t be the only factor. Lately, almost every financial service provider has funeral cover policies but which is the best funeral cover in South Africa?

Exactly what the policy covers, such as handling the documentation for the funeral and the costs of the venue, coffin, transport to the grave, and headstone, depends on the policy. If you buy a policy from a funeral parlour, for example, the parlour itself would typically provide the funeral, coffin, hearse, and the burial or cremation.

Here are some important questions you should ask:

The waiting period

  • What is the waiting period between buying the policy and it paying out on a claim?
  • How long does it take for the insurer to pay out after you’ve made a claim?
  • How easy it is to submit a claim, change your policy, or lay a complaint.

Policy Premium

  • Do premiums increase or you can be guaranteed a fixed rate for a non-escalating benefit?
  • Does the policy premiums increase at higher rates each year as you age?
  • Does the insurer offer a one-month grace period should you be late with a premium?

Additional Benefits

All policies will give you a lump sum but what makes this specific company you are choosing special? 

Usually, If you buy a policy from a funeral parlour, for example, the parlour itself would typically provide Storage and Refrigeration, the burial or cremation, transportation, and even a lump sum. Some important questions to ask are:

  • What additional benefits do I get?
  • Are transport to the grave costs covered?
  • Do we get a headstone?
  • Does the policy have cashback bonuses if you don’t claim for a specific number of years?

Best Funeral cover in South Africa

Final say about Funeral cover in South Africa

If you want to provide for your family after your death, using funeral cover to do so is expensive. You may have to jump more hurdles to take out life cover and it might take longer to payout after your death, but your premiums will typically buy more coverage for your family than a funeral policy will provide.

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